Product Use Tips

We have compiled the following ‘tips n techniques’ section to help assist anglers on making the proper choices on gear set up and ensuring they are set up properly. After years of fine tuning we are proud to provide key points that are proven successful and will help you catch more fish.

Rods and Reels

With so many rods and reels available it can be overwhelming to choose the right equipment requirement. We summarized a table below to get you started with your open water trolling program. We are incredibly proud to be nearing our 10th year as Okuma Pro-Staff. The Okuma is by far the best choice for your Great Lakes fishing

and beyond.

Notes: The Clarion High Speed 45 series is the ideal choice for long lead core applications (8-10 colors). The high speed retrieve will move lines and retrieve spreads extremely fast. A key note, once hooked up on a fish, slow your reeling retrieve rate a bit, this will avoid hook pull-outs.

Lead Core and Lines

The Great Lakes have evolved into a premier leadcore fishery. 80% of our catch rate annually is take on Cortland Leadcore (Kerplunk series). This application is growing in popularity but often mis-applied. Below, we wanted to provide specifics to how Team WaveTamer sets up each leadcore package on our boats.

Notes: It is important to reference the proper size reel for the length of Leadcore being prepared, The Okuma 30 series is ideal for 1-5 color and the Okuma 45 series is ideal for 6-10 color.

As always, should you have more specific questions or comments, please feel free to contact us at anytime. Our contact information is located in our contact section on the home page. Best Regards, Capt. Don