The Wave Tamer

The WaveTamer is a true, Great Lakes charter boat. At 31' in length and 12' beam (width) she can handle anything the Great Lakes can pass out. Outfitted with premier equipment, your charter boat is truly state of the art. Powered by 2 - 454 EFI power plants, she has more than enough power for long hauls, short runs or needing to avoid heavy weather in a hurry and more importantly, safely.


Her fishing deck and seating provided unmatched comfort and efficiency. Your entire group will have room to spare even when "tripled" or "quaded" up with fish. The custom deck and tackle station keeps all gear at the ready and out of the way, leaving all the room for fighting the Great Lakes giants.


Your cabin provides full accomodations. A full, private, CLEAN bathroom, full kitchen, microwave, fridge, and seating. Ample room to take a break or freshen up; the WaveTamer has you covered.


A clean, comfortable, reliable, safe and roomy fishing platform are all features of the  WaveTamer. Come experience the options many other boats overlook.


We look forward to having you aboard!


Capt. Don