About Us

WaveTamer Sportfishing was started over 25 years ago back in 1988. Capt. Don Ruppert and first mate Scott Wind have been fishing Lake Erie Walleye, Bass and Perch along with Lake Ontario’s King Salmon and trout nearly all their lives.


Growing up on the shores of Lake Erie and having many generations of family present in the sport, we feel proud to have been provided the opportunity to learn and grow within this fishery. Accumulating virtually thousands of hours on the lakes has given us first-hand knowledge and expertise within these respected fisheries that allow us to provide our charter clients with a guarantee of no-fish no pay. We pride our trips on an enjoyable, safe and productive days on the water.


In the mid 90’s, WaveTamer Sportfihing has evolved into first class tournament team with long standing members John Schultz, Art Wind, Jim Kuwik and Russ Schulz. Collectively, we have the compiled an impressive list of wins and top 10 tournament finishes. Building strong relationships/sponsorships with some of the top equipment names in the industry has helped us to succeed in national and local competition; as well as provide our charter clients with the most advanced gear/equipment on the market today.


Our mission statement is to provide a positive impact to every phase of the sport fishing industry.


Your Captain & First Mate

World Class, Trophy fishing for Lake Erie Walleye & Steelhead

and Lake Ontario Trout & Salmon

Capt. Don Ruppert is a licensed U.S.C.G Licensed Captain with over 20 years experience fishing both Lake Erie & Lake Ontario. 1st Mate Scott R. Wind, provides assistance to each trip with extensive experience on both Great Lakes. Our combination allows for

each angler aboard to fully enjoy the ‘fishing’, while we provide unmatched service and support.

USCG Master Licensed Captain

Don Ruppert

Angola, New York USA


1st Mate Scott Wind

Hamburg, New York USA


Meet The Team

Crew Art Wind

Hamburg, New York USA


Crew John Schultz

Orchard Park, New York USA


Crew Jim Kuwik

West Seneca, New York USA


Crew Russ Schulz

Lakeview, New York USA